The Finnish education style is considered to be the best in the world. Would you like to educate children like a Finn?

We bring the Finnish way of thinking and doing to your local early childhood education school. We give children around the world the possibility to thrive, succeed and prepare for continued international education through sensitive interaction with the adults around them.

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Finhow International Education Ltd.

Finhow International Education is a Finnish company specialized in Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). We offer varied services in order for you to transform your school to a more Finnish approach. See how we can help you through our Membership Program, Training Solutions or our Webshop.

Membership Program

As a member you get continuous support, ideas, curricula and a hands-on itinerary on how to make your school more Finnish. As an approved Finhow International Education Member School you get all the tools you need to be more Finnish, merging your own current strengths with the best of Finnish Early Childhood Education. 

What is the Finnish success made of?

We focus on

      • Individual observation to enhance true learning
      • Active, explorative experiences where curiosity plays a big part
      • Learning in the group, together
      • Focus on 21st century skills and readiness to learn
      • Play

Our solutions on site or online

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Membership Program

Training Solutions

Finland Week

FinAcademy Webshop

You can find more information about us here!

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